In 2009 six cleaning and facility management companies founded the Professional Cleaning and Facility Management Association of Latvia (LPUAA). The association was founded in order to jointly deal with professional cleaning and facility management industry problems and promote its development in Latvia.

The Association’s main objective is to address facility management and cleaning industries’ company common problems with a pragmatic approach using the benefits of association as a political instrument of power and form of co-operation.

Currently, a number of problems in facility management and cleaning sectors have worsened that threaten development of all businesses in the industry. It is unethical business practices, employing illegally, avoiding taxes, thus creating an uneven playing field. Similarly, improving the public procurement legislation and other important issues are also essential for industry growth.

Combining the leading and most advanced industry players and agreeing on the standards of the profession, working together we can create favorable conditions for operation of fair cleaning and facility management businesses, as well as form a framework for free competition in the market and promote the industry's prestige.

Latvian professional cleaning and facility management market participants are invited to join our association, so together we can more quickly and efficiently ensure a level playing field in the sector and the necessary conditions for growth